Why invest in Crete?

Are you interested in professional space?

Invest in Crete because Crete is the best part of Greece. It is an island with wonderful weather most days a year. In addition, Cretans are progressive people who support investment. Tourism in Crete is gradually expanding, with the result that investment opportunities are many and profitable. As the number of visitors increases gradually over time, the needs for hotels, and not just units, are increasing equally. More and more hotels, villas and holiday apartments are built every year, and one can find a holiday home anywhere on the island.

Are you interested for personal use?

Imagine an island “uncontaminated” by the overwhelming number of buildings, which offer great sights. A place with great history and unique tradition. If you think this is the ideal place to enjoy the sun, then Crete is the best choice for you!

Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. Its coastline is 1,100 kilometers and its population is about 600,000. A trip around the island will impress you. Two-thirds of the island are mountainous areas and the height of 57 peaks is approximately 2,000 meters.

The island is fully covered with greenery. In Crete there is a well-developed agricultural industry, which consists of 13 million olives, vines and countless citrus trees. In Crete you will see an amazing environment!

Property Promotion


Choose between ready-made properties

The company “Cretan Culture” offers its services in order to find a ready-made home (we can make whatever change you want on it), or a home that needs renovation, at a lower cost.
We undertake the renovation of old buildings so that they are habitable without any obligation from you.


Come to us to help you make your dream home

With years of experience in the construction of real estate, we continue our effort to create unique homes that meet any requirements.
Starting with the idea, we proceed to the appropriate architectural design that meets all the requirements of our client – functional and aesthetic needs. Moving on to the construction with the best quality materials on the market and our well-trained craftsmen.
We always deliver 99.9% within predefined times, with the turnkey dream house.
Step by step we design and implement for you.

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